Playing Ghosts – A Poem

This poem was originally posted under “Desire – A Poetic Trilogy”, but I have decided to break up the poems so that each will stand alone instead. The original post has been re-titled “Echo – A Poem” and now only contains that piece.


Playing Ghosts

I lost my shoes in a telephone booth
when I was calling the florist to tell them to never
mind. My cell phone was shut off, you see.

A song came on and I turned up the radio, the children asked me
to, and it drowned out the engine noise nicely. I had
never heard the song before. It sounded like raking leaves.

Oh, by the way, last night I dreamed I made you a
peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. You said you did not care
for raspberry jelly. The seeds hurt your teeth.

I feel as if I carry hope in a broken watch. The sun rises
over the fog covered trees where a crane steals glimpses
of me sipping orange juice through a straw.

Somewhere in back me, our home dissolves behind a beautiful
green door, the grey carpet spotted with rust colored
stains, frost entering through the bathroom window.

Remember when we played at being ghosts, dressed in paisley
patterned sheets, hiding in the closets and under the bed,
forgetting ourselves in moments of blissful delusion.


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13 thoughts on “Playing Ghosts – A Poem

  1. Strong memories. Some quite quite fragrant I must say. I absolutely love these: I feel as if I carry hope in a broken watch; our home dissolves behind a beautiful green door.

      • I should have written more. It was not just that image of the broken clock, but that and the door and rug image were really clear, stood out more than the poem as a whole did. But you have a style and I like seeing. I sometimes use that conversational style–in pieces I don’t post,.I refer to those poems as my “Robert Frost” poems. Its just a nice easy style. For me though if I use it too often in a row, it tends to get sloppy and by the time I’ve done re-vamping it it has become more wstartched. But every once in a while I pull one off. I have one now that I’m getting ready to submit for a contest. I like it a lot. It is a fun, relaxing free wheeling things sometimes that givews me a chance to Lindy, instead of waltzing wqhiuch I guess is my normal style.>KB

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