Echo – A Poem

I have broken up “Desire – A Poetic Trilogy” so that each poem will stand alone instead. The title of this post has changed to reflect this as it now only contains the poem Echo.


I would like to meet you,
with one hand in my pocket, and my hair cut
short and close. It would be Wednesday.
Under a street lamp a sign says
“Do Not Park”.

You would have red leather shoes
and a yellow dress on that you bought from a store
next to a fruit stand. You had an apple in your purse.
The phone rang empty while you
moved through the racks.

I wanted to call you, but your
number was in a suitcase on an airplane.
It was heading for Barcelona with a couple who
didn’t notice. They forgot to turn off their
dining room light, illuminating invisible meals,
forks lined neatly in the drawer.

You have a certain power over me, and I forgot
to ask if you think it is okay if I call you Mary.
I enjoy watching the sunrise alone, and our dreams set,
your hand slipping over the cold sheets, a smile
twisting your lips, hair catching the stray light sneaking
in from the closed drapes.

If happiness had one more syllable, it would be the perfect
word. I would tell you this if we met. In the pond
next to the park gazebo you check your reflection.
Ripples laugh in the wind. Echoes bleed over the asphalt
through my thin jacket, and into last fall.


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