Two Moons – A Poem

A shell on the shore
of another world, a moon (or is it two)
so distant yet still a burden.

Begin this journey
she says in an eloquence so desperate
it brings a smile.

I am a harbinger if my own misfortune


We consume a delicate sauce of intricate
ingrediants lost in a spell of transmission
between this world and whatever we

I speak but what is it worth. Just a reason
to return endless to a shell

along a beach

adrift in a dissolving consciousness.
The second moon recedes
in continual witness.

There is a fabric which rips and is thus much
more versatile.

Say to me my wrong stance.

A shell on the shore ponders.


A Cottage – A Poem

Now and never be

Recall the mist
from a violent ocean, waves crashing
near the beach cottage and
our skin and hair turned salt.

Grass struggling in the sand filled

I love you

I mentioned once,
in those eerie morns as the firelight
spoke to the innermost confines
of your spectral profile.

And now you and now I and now
never be I.

A gaze upon the furthermost reaches
of our desire.
Ephemeral in this burnt testimony
which neither of us can speak.

And there the cottage,
and here the waves and then my regret.

Beautiful you stand but once.