Faith – A Musing

Faith must begin on a personal level in order for it to develop and grow in any meaningful and productive external manner, whether it be with a friend, a spouse, a child, a pet, or a god. And we must be lovingly honest in our approach to an inner faith. A willingness to embrace our own beauty and ugliness. Angels and demons are not external manifestations of supernatural planes of existence, malignantly and beneficially influencing our world, but mirrored windows of our inner selves, of our own capacities for good and evil. And we will find ourselves crushed by joy and sorrow, by laughter and tears, as we come to understand, see, and feel faith blossom in our subconscious and spread its roots and send its seed out into the external world.

I wrote that my writings are stories, mainly. And while this is true, I have also realized the more that I have written how they are a continuing quest to recognition of personal faith. They are reflections of reflections, characters of my mind exploring the vast wonder and horror of it and the world. Though them I have been able to build an inner faith, sending them out to unexplored regions. And I have found in writing, in life, that one must know their own limits, and by extension the limitations of society, and ever seek ways to transcend them.


This was just a thought, a general rambling really, that I wrote out pretty much free style. Something I thought about this morning and wanted to write it down.


Belts. As a kid I don’t remember wearing them often. Maybe on special occasions, but other than that, life was pretty much belt free. My children don’t wear them all that much either. Now, I find I wear a belt all the time, even when not really required. I would probably wear one with sweat pants and maybe even pajamas if they had loops. They do have draw strings, but that is not the same in my opinion.

I cannot remember when this change took place; when I moved from a beltless world to one where a belt was both an intimate and necessary attire. Lost as it is now in the obscure past. Is this a common part of the growing up process? Are belts what really separates the boys from the men?