It was my intention to use this blog in order to better track and work on ongoing stories I am writing, as well as share them with others in the hopes that they may enjoy them and let me know what they think. The main subject was to be a novel I am working on, and I was posting installments of my progress on that as I completed a section. This story is posted under the page Marcello’s Revenge Part I, and is the first ten chapters that make up the first part of the novel. The rest I am currently working on in private. I plan for the blog to continue to have fiction (short stories, brief narratives, and excerpts from stories I am writing) but will also include poetry.

Mainly, I enjoy telling stories, and I am currently writing poetry as a vehicle in doing this. Most of the poems on this blog are fictional stories, and I have found poetry to be a unique method of narration. It, to me, is the purest form of narration, not really condensed, but more refined. There are some personal poems included on the blog, though they are and will be few, yet even the narrative poetry has pieces of me in them, as is natural and to be expected. So, in essence at least, I am keeping with the theme of this blog, to write fiction in installments. For the most part.

I will on occasion post random thoughts or musings, or whatever.

All of the writings on this site are mine, and not allowed to be used without permission.

Thank you for reading!

Joseph A Carlucci


27 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks, and good luck to you on yours. I think I am about a quarter of the way through it, but it is hard to tell. I started following your blog, and am looking forward to reading more of your writings!

  1. In earnest, thanks for reading, I may have expressed my gratitude in poetic form for no apparent reason. Although, a simple glance at your page has made me a follower of your writing. Excellent bits! Love the poetry, especially.

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  3. I myself started a novel many years ago, my plot plan works, I know how it starts and finishes, but when it comes to the meat of my story so to speak, I get so far, and dump it and start again. My problem is I am a perfectionist, if it does not feel right, I would rather scrap it and start again. I am happy with the first three chapters and the last two chapters, just got to get the middle right.

    Maybe the answer is to post each chapter on a blog set-up for novel, or use existing blog for purpose, this may encourage me to finish it once and for all. For me length should not be a problem as I have written novelette stories in the past.

    • Thank you! For some reason some of the blogs I follow were dropped, and I noticed I had not seen a post for you in some time. I am happy to have found and corrected the issue, and look forward to reading your work and viewing your wonderful photographs again.

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