Alice – A Poem


Lily grows where Alice
once laid her head.
She isn’t in the looking glass
any longer.

Alice and I made a fire
in the yard that night,
our laughter skipped along to the sound of
the wood crackling under
the birch tree, sparks in a red lifeless dance
spun through the leaves
before they cooled,
invisible ash.

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Last News of Moses – A Poem

Last News of Moses

Peter lost the keys while skipping
rocks at the lake.
He took off his shoes
to wade out in the shoals and
feel the cool water against his ankles,
let his feet dig into the wet sand as
he enjoyed watching the rocks
bound merrily across the water’s surface.
He said he left the keys in his shoes.
No one really noticed them missing,
but then no one really gave a shit until,
driven mad by delusions
of severe repercussions,
he boldly confessed his crime
groveling in sincere repentance
before running away to hide himself in the reeds.
He spends his days now
counting the wasps
as they dart through the goldenrod.
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Friendship – A Poem


“Let’s put this behind us so we can move on”
the late hour hisses through clenched teeth
cicadas stilled
magpies console themselves in turpentine leaves
nocturnal creatures feign innocence gnawing bones
singing sonnets
flightless stars shower the opulent summer sky
fragrance of cloves drift across an empty martini glass
nurturing a drunken olive
rafts adrift in the pool Daisy sleeps
under the slide
“our friendship is built on honest lies.”