Depleting Orbit – A Poem

my vision is static.
An opaque noise hums
crimson then

The borderline underscores our,
my heart.
A resonance of depleting orbit.

Let us,
I am
become an insatiable vagabond,
like a mountain wind clouding
the vale in a fine mist.

From a distance they,
you approach.
Red lights signal at a crossing
an unmoored vessel lost
in an eastern sea.

Sheltering Dove – A Poem

At peace;
hostage for my own insecurities.
A grim dance between lovers. A grey sky painted
over a silver lake.
A sheltering dove swallows her song
in spite and fear

and regret.

There was no mention of the breeze. No faint
scent drifting. Drifting…
Only cold and forgetting myself.

Two Poems

A Bridge

A feeling {a memory(?)}
winter desperation
lights on a bridge, snow

A temporal euphoria.
scattered in the air.


I believed the
of the anointed would wash the sin
of my apocalypse
under the fields of my bourbon brethren,
but I capitulate
the sorrow of the kin which I failed.