pontificating lies

Something I found I wrote years ago. I don’t think I ever posted it here, but if so I apologize for the duplicate.

We are creatures
pontificating lies
designing illustrious
holy relics
men and women
holy sites
cities and factories
holy wealth
nation and allegiance
holy love
lust and longing
holy anger
justice liberty
and words
music and dance
and moon
holy earth
sky father
holy rituals
holy holy holy
ever and anon
holy holy
wholly to cover
our graves
brave flower petals
of no significance.


Canal – A Poem

The storm
and a counting of raindrops.

A kind of fantasy
in this eggshell world.

Let it pass
over oak and in shallow pools too

too rich

to appreciate its complex
Oh, but me designing these
simple designs to
a terracotta life.

Kind words seek penance.
Alarmed, the gift of reason
the vanishing byways of a canal
long lost to disrepair.

If a dream then a dream.

But if?

A Conscientious Ritual – A Poem

Grieve in the pines and let their
abundance signal a spring
Our ghosts we fabricate with ribbons
to bleed on the naked floor.

A conscientious ritual formed by
generations of suffering flow out of wounds
too discreet to divulge
but in that vain language of metaphor. It is only
I speak.

I will, I will and I will

and that worth brings islands of rational
hallucinations. The epitome of a resigned life
speaks in ordered tones.

Tell me a story in the meadow we visited
in a yourh that only occurred
as we imagined. I will hold to it
as a sacred

The hyacinth blooms in the
radience of a
silver dawn. It is now
but again to be.

Wickedness – A Poem

Many suns reflect under
brilliant memories
which erode under the flow of the rain.
My cause is remedied by the open
liquor cabinet.

To speak of that fair day

is the only fantasy still afforded.

A ballet of wickedness spirals before me
as I sip my drink in an abandoned

Go now. There the door, the gate,
the swift shadow fleeing
from the brightness
it brings.

Two Moons – A Poem

A shell on the shore
of another world, a moon (or is it two)
so distant yet still a burden.

Begin this journey
she says in an eloquence so desperate
it brings a smile.

I am a harbinger if my own misfortune


We consume a delicate sauce of intricate
ingrediants lost in a spell of transmission
between this world and whatever we

I speak but what is it worth. Just a reason
to return endless to a shell

along a beach

adrift in a dissolving consciousness.
The second moon recedes
in continual witness.

There is a fabric which rips and is thus much
more versatile.

Say to me my wrong stance.

A shell on the shore ponders.

A Cottage – A Poem

Now and never be

Recall the mist
from a violent ocean, waves crashing
near the beach cottage and
our skin and hair turned salt.

Grass struggling in the sand filled

I love you

I mentioned once,
in those eerie morns as the firelight
spoke to the innermost confines
of your spectral profile.

And now you and now I and now
never be I.

A gaze upon the furthermost reaches
of our desire.
Ephemeral in this burnt testimony
which neither of us can speak.

And there the cottage,
and here the waves and then my regret.

Beautiful you stand but once.

Depleting Orbit – A Poem

my vision is static.
An opaque noise hums
crimson then

The borderline underscores our,
my heart.
A resonance of depleting orbit.

Let us,
I am
become an insatiable vagabond,
like a mountain wind clouding
the vale in a fine mist.

From a distance they,
you approach.
Red lights signal at a crossing
an unmoored vessel lost
in an eastern sea.

Two Poems

A Bridge

A feeling {a memory(?)}
winter desperation
lights on a bridge, snow

A temporal euphoria.
scattered in the air.


I believed the
of the anointed would wash the sin
of my apocalypse
under the fields of my bourbon brethren,
but I capitulate
the sorrow of the kin which I failed.