3 thoughts on “Parameters – A Poem

  1. Ah, this has that lovely, juicy ambiguity I so love.
    Who or what exactly is comfortable here?
    I? You? My words? Your words?
    It is the un-pinned-down nature of this question that gives this its power.
    “The relativity of pain” is what comes to mind for me.

    • Thank you! You always bring such interesting insights. I would say my intention in this was a form of self liberation. You have me second guessing, however, my own words. I won’t answer your questions, of course, since to do so would dissolve the ambiguity.

      • Ah! Happy to be of service! I think that this may in fact be one of my favorite aspects of sharing my work here: the insights into my own work that the “interesting insights” of readers bring. I often find things in there that I didn’t know I put there….
        Don’t dissolve a thing. Only hoping to relay that there was resonance. And yes–self-liberation–I believe that was the vibe that my “relativity” comment was leaning into.
        I feel that good poems leave us with more questions than answers, and yet….still give a kind of solace in the acceptance of that un-knowing.

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