Two Poems

A Bridge

A feeling {a memory(?)}
winter desperation
lights on a bridge, snow

A temporal euphoria.
scattered in the air.


I believed the
of the anointed would wash the sin
of my apocalypse
under the fields of my bourbon brethren,
but I capitulate
the sorrow of the kin which I failed.

7 thoughts on “Two Poems

  1. “You always hurt the ones you love” or so they say. Whoever they are. And maybe its just “them” that keeps hurting the ones they love and we’re supposed to know better……what do they know anyway?

    So good to see your thoughtful and thought-provoking words again, Joseph.

    Hopefully, for your sake and for mine, you won’t do what I have been doing for the last year or so: let everyone believe “you’re back” and then……*poof*

    I’ve been getting the “Hey guys! WE’re getting the band back together!” feeling lately…….

    I’m gonna try and stick around. I hope you do too.

    • Thank you Johnny! I do plan to stick around and am sorry for being absent for so long. Looking back, I should have posted something about being gone. My sincere appreciation for being a good friend. Love the getting the band back together again comment. That made me laugh.

      • No apologies necessary whatsoever. And no explanations, either. We all have our lives, our ups and downs, our weeds and bogs and forests dark….Just happy to see your work again.

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