Lion’s Wake – A Poem

Lion’s wake.
We hear the old saw blade at rest.

I watch with nervous apprehension
the sun shine through the fog;
The morning hills rolling green under
the hazy weight of an
early light.

The pull of earth’s gravity
makes is hard for me to breathe.

I want to make a phone call
but lost any reason to do so,

so I end up doing the dishes.

Finches sing.
They dart in and out of nests
built into the rotting
of the shed’s wood panels
and frame.
Its roof collapsing slowly.

Juxtapose the broken glass
and the wire fence.
How they both still keep us
fastened and

It was three years ago
Three years.
And where are we?

What are we?

An exposed shadow in a
closed circuit.



3 thoughts on “Lion’s Wake – A Poem

    • Thank you! And no, I dont. I have been considering doing one, but am not really sure how to start. Right now I am working on a collection of short stories, so maybe when that is done, I will look into it. I see you have some published. Congradulations! When I am able to, I will pick one up. I always enjoy reading your work!

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