4:29 – A Poem

At 4:29 the snow begins.
Wrapped warmly in my insecurities
I watch it fall knowing that

all that proceeds it
(all that proceeds
will vanish
into the absence of what is
left behind.

At the watershed the
snowflakes circle in the air to
together, slowly,
one binding itself to the next.

There is a shared, acquired
patience to winter.
I blush to the emergence of how
to a fault
I know it too well.


4 thoughts on “4:29 – A Poem

  1. Lovely read as always. Just wanted to pop in and let you know “I’m still following you.” Hope you are all well! Hello and Happy Birthday time of year to the Mrs.!

  2. so much to admire in this poem. the rhythm of the second stanza makes it effective when read aloud. and i love how in the third stanza the snowflakes become personified: “gather/ together slowly,/ one binding itself to the next.” such a lovely, subtle image.

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