Tendencies of Desire – A Poem

The day falls
and we in the goldenrod
(with our breaths mingled and
our fingers clasped
each to the others)
feel the madness sting
our eyes.

Along the horizon
heaven blinks from existence while
we explore
the curvature tendencies of desire.

Once spoken
your name attests my doubt
and I readily succumb to the faintest movement
of your hips.

Gather the emptiness
that lies in the wake
of pleasure. There where
conception drips vainly
from an autumn sky.

And I am overcome. The majesty of the world
drifting careless
over our skin.

We are weighted together.
Unbalanced passion guides us.

Our faith now rests
only and all
within our fantasies.


4 thoughts on “Tendencies of Desire – A Poem

  1. so difficult to be original in writing a poem about love-making, but this one is fresh and creative. I especially admire these lines: “We are weighted together./ Unbalanced passion guides us.” the two statements are interesting separately, but even more so in a couplet.

  2. I’m not stocking you, I promise. I am merely perusing this afternoon over some great writing. This one catches my attention because I’ve only recently started writing sensual poetry. Mine is quite dark though. Check out my “Paramour, My Lover” at my blog- i’ll give you a link here if you’re curious. This kind of writing is liberating and soulful I think. Mine, well, kind of scared some of the readers….

    Lovely words, Joe


    • Well, as long as you promise… Seriously, though, thank you very much. I am glad you enjoyed it. I too find the writing liberating. I did read your poem and found it a terrific piece. I write more about it there. I did not personally find it scary, though I could see where others may have that reaction. But then sexuallity is very intimate, and intimacy I have found (contrary to what it should be naturally) can be a frightful thing.

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