Olivia in Brown – A Poem

Olivia in brown
subjugated dreams.

A revolution
benign and unimpeded
courses through
the river park.
She can feel it
in her toes. Nails brushed pink.
Sandaled feet.

As the reconciling crescendo
from a soundless past
Olivia fuses
each vibration as they ripple
and orchestrates them into a
brightly glowing vortex.

Her back is to the statue
of a little boy
whose downcast eyes
conceal his judgment.

Olivia’s two daughters
kneel near shallow pools.
Remnants of a summer rain.
The girls’ hushed voices are
briefly reflected
in the water
before becoming lost
among the passing clouds.

Near the bridge
and in the building
under the clock tower
the ambition of a man
was found wandering blind
in the twisted corridors.

A light wind comes
and with it the fragrance
of poppies.
The girls rise
and run. Their hair is blown. Strands
tangle in a strawberry madness.

in brown


5 thoughts on “Olivia in Brown – A Poem

    • I am happy you stopped by and commented! I have been absent from WP and posting as well (as you noticed), but am trying to get more involved. We’ll see. I hope to see you post again soon as well. Thanks!

    • I am showing you in my list of followers. I have been absent from WP for a little while and noticed that they re-did the follow button, which I did appreciate, as it is no longer on my reader. I dropped quote a few blogs I followed because of this, and I think yours was among them. I am glad to have found you again! The only way I am able to find the follow button on a blog page now is to scroll up on the webpage I am on (both in Internet Explorer and on the IPhone) and in the bottom right a button appears, which is weird. Oh, and also in the notifications, but it was always there, I think. Sorry, this is a little longer than I had expected. Thanks for stopping by!

      • So am I still following you? I don’t think I’m getting notifications from your site. I see the follow button on scrolling up, and it’s checked off so I guess I am. Enjoy your writing a lot.

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