Names on a List – A Poem

Thoughts of Tucson
in a small room.
A freezing rain begins to fall.

I placed my trust in divinity to act
and fell from
the face of the world.

There is a mysterious art to it.

The room has a window
and a door
and the walls are a light brownish green.

I feel like I could live here.

There are names on a list
and ice now on the glass.

Unbalanced I start a fire
in the propane heater
and begin to feel warm and loose
and light-headed.

At the sink I pour another vodka tonic.

The names on the list are blurry
and I wonder who wrote them.
What they are for.
What it means.

The radio station plays early twentieth century
and blues
and I don’t have the heart to change it.

I have two weeks…
two weeks…
and then…

Little birds shelter in the branches outside.
It is nice in the country when the
farm fields are empty.

Ribbons tied to a school’s chain link fence
flutter and whip in the wind.

I think of Tucson
and a golden sun
into the desert
as I set a flame to a corner of the list
and watch as the fire burns it to ash in a bowl.

I like to think I freed them
those whose names were on the list
but the acrid smell
left in the air speaks



4 thoughts on “Names on a List – A Poem

  1. “I placed my trust in the divinity to act and fell from the face of the world” Damn…every now and then you get the privilege to read words that make you believe in magic. That rare feeling you get when someone’s words cause you to pause is the only justification I need for poetry. Thanks for reminding me.

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