Where The Graved Go – A Poem


Where The Graved Go

Talisman drift design
a playground
an October mentioned in passing
the swinging laughter
borne upon the eve of holy days.

“But why and where do the graved ones go?”

Eight count decent dreamt
valiant on solar currents
permitting god
to tumblefall.
A begged pandering to a crowd of ghosts.

Opened beauty eyes
the high stream.

“Just a while longer.”

must go soon.”

“Just a while longer?”

Do tell that sliding lunar joy
a story
on fished paths twisting
below the knotted stars.
A manned door open to the whim of youth.

Down the high stream is where the graved go.
They make no residence.
No permanence
or settlement on the bank.
Ever and on
and why
is left to them alone.”


4 thoughts on “Where The Graved Go – A Poem

  1. I thought I was the only one who used the expression ‘ever and on’! Thank you for validating my poor vocabulary in an excellent poem!

    • Thank you! And no you are not alone. I am happy to hear I can validate your use of the phrase actually. Is it poor vocabulary? Maybe. But we are not writing a dictionary. Or an essay. We are writing poetry or prose or fiction looking to make a phrase or word work in our art, be it correct or otherwise. So I will ever an on use the phrase as I see fit, and am heartened by the fact that I have an ever and on brother who will too.

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