The Summer Room – A Poem


The Summer Room

The summer room lines are drawn.
Darling opens the door
to bring me the sweets
of unkissed youth.

He was lost one day
walking home from school
and kicking stones
along the sidewalk.

Maybe it was I who was at fault
being bound corporeal and
The Isolated
by my own design.

But he is still alive somewhere
outside this room.
Somewhere outside
of me.

Broken innocence
smells of sweet grass and its taste
mixes with the blood
in my mouth.
I feel still that cool evening wind
being blown from a childhood desire
the open car window.
How it stirred suspense and danger.
And in the end how empty it was.

The summer room lines are drawn
and weighted
I surrender to them.

A mirrored field of vision hides my name
and as the years rest
over the hills and in between the sun
I realize I no longer miss it.


3 thoughts on “The Summer Room – A Poem

  1. Somehow this poem made me feel more at ease with where I am in my life. There are some days I remember sad things and it feels their weight will overwhelm me with age. This is a sweet reminder that time heals some wounds and that letting go is a tool I can use daily. Thank you.

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