The Dreamed – A Poem

Coin under a bridge.

Three beer bottle caps.

A girl with a butterfly dress

slumbers in a prison of light.

Nightly fold the summer grass

where the winds met.

The word of god’s world rests

in a fiberglass crown

as the dreamed mask

sovereigned plight

with sparkling pockets

and cast off curios.

4 thoughts on “The Dreamed – A Poem

  1. Joseph. This is a truly outstanding poem. I have been playing with Jazz poetry of late–writing while listening to slow Jazz, letting my mind wander where it will. This reminds me so much of that. Best >KB

    • Thank you KB. Music is a large inspiration to my writing, and jazz has had been a constant influence, so it is good to hear that you find it reflected here. Any particular artists you are listening to? I am always on the lookout for music I may not have heard.

      • I have been listening to Miles Davis A Kinda Blue–I tend to play Flamenco Sketches(Alternate) over and over again. I have now been producing prose poems and now just beginning with Jazz poems which I classify as written while listening to Jazz as opposed to writing a jazzy poem. I recently made a brak though and wrote a Jazz pros poem. Would you like to see it? >KB

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