Violent Serenity – A Poem


Violent Serenity

The clouds blue endless
grey a summertime forgotten evening.
The musk of a cherry red liqueur
stifles the air.

Bend softness.
Measure the worth of our day
blanched and scoured
by interpreted meter.
The music of the descending sun
silvers our transitions
and pales in
my eyes.

If but for were the chain more
its latch less fragile
the dance may have ended
the neck adorned and bruised.
Yet whispers
lovely to our ears
laugh and brown our

Today is the disintegration to all
of our yesterdays
the climatic downfall for everything
to come.
So let us break open our soul
to put a moratorium on peace.
Revel in the violent serenity of
a hushed
brought about by the neglect
of our crime.

But quiet.
A tombed yellow quiet
that stains and suits
our situation.
Day to night my heart runs and speeds
to encompass the absolute
of my isolated institution.

Bring me the head and genitals
of the monster
in the labyrinth.
I’ll dine on blackened custard
as the night comes.


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