Shades of Lavender – A Poem from the Archives


Shades of Lavender

Fleet of white sailing ships
rest in the harbor
under cliffs of green falling grass.
The borders of earth and sky
stretch into impossible lengths
of space
and time.
Shift what is possible into shades
of lavender,
flowers stream across fields painted
in blue.

Waking dreams course into illusions
of reality
as the ocean cycles into raindrops
and rivers.
Contemplate a moment a rope,
a net,
gripping the wood planks
of the pier
built on sea by land.

Where did we go
nights of snow
drifting away
molds of clay?
Four feet tap
by moon and stream
drifting in cross
crafty determent
of lives spent
together and apart.


Another entry and exploration into old poems I wrote years ago. This has been changed some from how it was originally written, mostly to clean up and make the idea come through  little clearer. I think, however, I kept the spirit of the original in tact, which is my main focus in revisiting and revising these writings.




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