Catch that Breath – A Poem


Catch that Breath

There may come
a moment
once in your lifetime
when you catch that breath.
An inhale and exhale of air so clean
and so pure
it is as if god is sitting
on your shoulder
and the world becomes defined
in crystal.
It may come in the day,
or in the evening
when perhaps a strong breeze blows.
Or the breeze may be gentle,
or maybe not even
there at all.
But there may be that moment
when you do,
when you catch that breath
and peace is truly understood.
The peace found within the
absolution of

For the universe with all of its
mystery, its beauty,
its tragedy and its joy
is marvelous and enough.
In and of itself it overflows
in splendor,
and doesn’t need any further
or unnecessary accompaniment,
in order to heighten its wonder.

Inherent it is.

It is.


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