Love was Good – A Poem from the Archives


Love was Good

Gripping the handle from her hand
I break down and return to her
for the love was good.



Going through some writings I did years ago I recently revisited. This one dating from around the same time as the rest of the collection, which was around 20 years ago. I will be posting some of them for a little bit, though I am not sure if in completely original form. Some may need a little editing. Those that need too much will probably not make the cut. Hope you enjoy, and, as always, thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Love was Good – A Poem from the Archives

  1. I always enjoy going over old poems…even if I sometimes cringe…I am often surprised and pleased to able to resuscitate one with editing and rewriting. I look forward to your trip down memory lane.

    • Thanks Ron! I would say on most I cringe. There may be one or two lines I like, but … yeah … chillingly bad. But I might have a half dozen to a bakers of them that I feel were pretty good.

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