Starling in Maple – A Poem


Starling in Maple

Starling in maple
jumps one branch to another
perches and hesitates.
He sees all;
has the inside scoop.

Or is he a she?

You paid all right.
Fair enough,
truth be told, to settle the score.
But whose fault is that?
The squander of anticipation
settles miserably
on your crown.

You’re no good Starling.
Inebriated ruminations on a Sunday morn
don’t impress


5 thoughts on “Starling in Maple – A Poem

  1. I’d love to hear the inside story on this one…. I love how you mix poetic language with rough and crass language — the difference between the first and last stanzas is enough to make me laugh with delight. (Also — strange associations — I kept thinking of Clarisse Starling from Silence of the Lambs — “fly away, little Starling… fly… fly…”

    • Thank you! And well, since you asked, it was inspired by me watching a starling through my bedroom window on a neighbor’s maple tree. At first he bobbed up and down and appeared to be trying to get a better look in their house. Then he jumped to another branch and just sat there. Really still. It made me think of omniscience and god and all that. The attitude of the poem is probably due to listening to a lot of PJ Harvey recently.

      • Loves me some Polly Jean. Such a powerfully emotive voice, and an amazing songwriter. Is this desire? Is in my top 25 for sure. (I hesitate to make a claim that she’s higher than that because I love a lot of music).

        Interesting explanation — I like how the bird seems to take on different perspectives, which lends well to your thought process.

      • I have decided to never put a favorites list for songs, books, movies and such. I do appreciate and respect people who can, however, and am always interested in a top 25 of whatever. But for me, even though I do like some more than others, whenever I had tried to qualify it in a list, it was more frustrating than anything else. As you said with loving a lot of music, there is just too much for too many reasons that I can’t resolve it on a list.

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