Summer Swims – A Poem


Summer Swims

Botanical offerings on
Sunday morning. Bakery closed.
Half a mile jog to the river.
Boats row unison lines
in lavender water.


A violin concerto hiatus.
Movement strung tense flows
across the park. Cat on crates
peeking into the corner shop
window. Between the curtains.


Hands remove pollen
from the fir trees. Cracks appear
in solitude. Summer brings me
iced tea filled with lemon.
Citrus flirtations.


Man at the bus station waits
for absolution. Wet clover on his shoes.
Children swing and climb and
slide. The faithful regrets of


Cloud drifts cumulate. So high
in a sky so orange. Heaven
pontificates appropriate answers.
In the pond with biased fish
summer swims.


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