To Reconsider the Arch of Humanity – A Poem

To Reconsider the Arch of Humanity

Time mechanics look up from their work
chains goggles and gears

sloppy work really
and justified
production down to minus 2 degrees F
hell of a way to pass a winter

sensitive sad poet ponders

fuck him says the foreman
bleached hair mustache
Bring me an electric razor
and I’ll bring you his head!

the poet writes

another hour, another day, another year
change focus

Gears grind out seconds like ground beef
what was once worthless is now $.37
and the stock market agrees

friar tuck yells
but there are no operators in the digital age
fumigation team arrives
2:10:37 PM sharp
searching laptops and
for pornography and violations to the dress code

barney opens the door for vanessa
a change is in the air
jesus would not recognize you with that haircut
barney writes in an encrypted email
but jesus never recognized me anyway
vanessa replies

crash goes the clock smash on the floor
a full line stop

To reconsider the triumphant arch of humanity
outside a coliseum


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