Prometheus Ponderings – A Poem

Prometheus Ponderings

Explain to me why I am awake at
three seventeen
in the morning, sharing my time with a tonic
and lime
thinking about
what similarities there are between
and Marlon Brando.
Fuck, I hate Prometheus,
but I do love Brando.

I suppose that is a difference though.

Beatrice really is a lovely name.
Perhaps it is its
odd combination
of consonants and vowels
that the reason lies as to why
it has not caught on as well as it should
and why I love it
as much as I do.

But back to Prometheus
as it is not too well known that what
led him to the tasks he is so
admired for
and written of
through the ages was primarily due
to his utter lack of acting skills
(unlike Brando who was a terrific actor)
(when he wanted to be, that is)
and his unfulfilling career as a motivational
It was his failure in both
and longing for universal acclaim
and fame
that made
him desperate.
You see, he was always the charming
but no one ever took him seriously,
so the whole fire affair came
rather unexpected.

Personally, I am fonder
(as far as these mythological types
are concerned)
of that little devil Pandora,
yet I may be biased by
having spent time with her
on her estate
devouring in the virgin light of the new day
her lovely morning croissants.
Oh, how light, flakey and puffy they are!
And she serves them up on terracotta plates
on the veranda
if the weather is fair.

As a gentleman
and for the curious
I should make mention here of
her box,
how she has it displayed on her coffee table
and how small and surprisingly
transparent, and really
it really is.

So what is it about Beatrice
I find so compelling?
(The name that is.)
Perhaps the answer is in my tonic somewhere;
In how the ice collides cruelly against each other,
or in the sourly twisted lime,
or in the bubbles
gallantly in a vain effervescence.
Is there a clue which can found in Brando’s performance in
On the Waterfront?
Maybe it is the name of the daughter
I never had.
But no.
These are only Prometheus Ponderings
to waylay me from knowing
that the universe is too large
for any man
to truly envision
and too small
to concern
any god or conceited titan.

5 thoughts on “Prometheus Ponderings – A Poem

  1. Joseph- I can’t say if it’s my thespian pedigree or late nights spend in such gin and tonic ponderings. Wait those are one in the same. Oh and come to think of it you didn’t mention gin. Hmmm perhaps it was simply tonic and lime. I digress. This is one of my the best poems I’ve read in quite some time.

    • The gin! I forgot the gin! Of course. No wonder I was awake so late… Nice catch. I purposely left the alcohol out, though gin and tonics are one of my favorite drinks. And among my closest of friends. Thank you for the wonderful complement! It brightened up my morning.

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