Echoes of Thunder – A Poem


Echoes of Thunder

Echoes of thunder rolling over the desert canyon floor
shake us.

Can I fade and forget the horse whip that you carry at
your side
to rock back and forth on the silver thread you sewed
into clouds?
There are violations I cannot ignore in the lining of your
leather apron,
in the seams of your skirt, in the weavings of your sheer
black stockings.

Pricking my finger on the passion maniacally splintering like
cactus needles
over your body, I debase into the tyrannical will of your
hypnotic persona.
At noon we are free to break and explore the arid regions of
the heart,
the parched ground stings timid and trembles under your
delicate touch.

Wary of the distant water, of the dangers lurking just below
its surface,
we cower in the naked desert, making love in the shadow of a
blurred image
we nurtured, neglecting the flashing light out beyond the
far hills.


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