Sky – A Poem


And there
the sky
and then


8 thoughts on “Sky – A Poem

  1. Short but surprisingly powerful. It gave me an image of death dropping from the sky—bomb. One minute you’re looking up, and the next second—you’re gone.

    • Thank you! I agree it can be read as such. My focus was mainly on the ever changing nature of the sky; how as it is it will never again be, and how this reflects life in general, but I really like your interpretation.

      • Oooh, that’s a very lovely way of looking at it—definitely more positive than mine, haha. I guess it’s my Lebanese heritage and history coming out. (Especially with what’s going on in Syria, death from the sky is an all too common item on the news). But I love the notion of an ever-changing expanse in parallel with everyday life. Nice one!

      • I agree about the connection to the piece with the current situation with what is occurring in Syria and other countries, and think for this reason it is a wonderful idea for the piece. Though tragic it brings a sense of the fragility of life, and our even more tragic response to the situation

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