A Premonition and a Foretelling – A Poem

A Premonitions and a Foretelling – A Poem

Let’s stop
veil the moon in cheesecloth and
recite together English translations of
Latin novels.

There are marvelous apathetic pools
waiting patiently
for us
to dip our feet into
to mirror our calves in a rippling half-light
to quench the combustible peace
we so jealously
Under different circumstances
we may have been
rodeo clowns
but that world has passed us by
and we can now but
only remain
friends for an evening.

I ask you for the silver broach
that we
on the chest
of my dead cat in your father’s yard
and you had kept
from me ever since
claiming it to be
a matter of property rights.
You tell me you had a
that day
of our future together
a vision
of hundreds
of mermaids that were all washed ashore and
whose flesh rotted in the stagnant
that covered the beach.
There were orange waves swirling between their
once voluptuously tempting
sweeping their lifeless limbs
in an eerie macabre dance
and your head hung morbid and full of

Your breath betrays your smile.

Heedless our play under the stars changed
one night
when a child fell from the heavens
into your lap
and I asked you her name.
Guinevere you said
and I foretold how in similar fashion
she too would betray
her pious king
as I stroked her dark hair gently and
wept over our fate.

An operator explained to me that the
expanding gulf stream was responsible
for the static
on the line between us.
I can barely decipher your
lustful garbled declaration
of how you will always cherish
my charm
wisdom and wit
my sophisticated
with the cheeseclothed moon
lighting the thin skin of my back
and realizing
to my shame
that you never recognized that these were
only my defense.


4 thoughts on “A Premonition and a Foretelling – A Poem

  1. I agree with marymcavoy. At the same time, I see it as a progression of a relationship…a complicated—perhaps doomed—one. There’s some disturbing imagery with the mermaids, some pretty ones with the pool. It gave me feelings of like I was watching some kind of struggle, but coated in love and a kind of deceit. I read this several times, and it’s really well-layered. It’s worth reading out loud. (A teacher of mine once told me poems should always be read out loud. When you hear them, things become much clearer than if you only read them in your head. I agree).

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