A Labyrinth of Want – A Poem


A Labyrinth of Want

How the sunlight from the dawn
rising low in the east
is trapped
in a web of trees
entwined branches
keeping the hollow secure in the
shadows of night.

Our desire is restless as we
retreat into each other
your blue fingers
on my chest
dancing over a red mark formed
in a childhood dream
and your touch
alights in me a white passion.

I seek to sip the love that drips
from your tongue
cover my crimes
in the recesses of your flesh
adhere faithfully
to your whispered
pleaded commissions.
Your breasts swell
blush indigo
and burn my lips.
Locks of your hair fall
across your face
as all of our facades break
bleed and blend into
a mist
a memory
that floats tentatively about us
and then fades into
the insane.

The sun arches higher and
pours out into the vale
brightening the fragrances of
morning blossoms
that were held tight in a
dark anticipation.
I speak voiceless from the depths
lost in a labyrinth of want
captivated and
to the seductive confines
of your thighs
my temporal longing of the eternal.


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