Unbalanced Nature of Love – A Poem

Unbalanced Nature of Love

I never counted the elm leaves as they fell
beneath winter.
The shuttered window still emits a ghoulish light.

Down along the coast the waves break
in uniform
spontaneity and
ever drawn to their milk-white laughter
I cautiously portion out
my breath.

Clouds part in a sky full of fruit blossoms.
The air rejoices.
Solitary days and nights are bound in the fragrant
of a Grecian Rose.

From where I sit
wretched restless patterns
of a world
wild and reckless
are written before me.
I see them in the long fields
and on the beaches
in the nearby woods
all colored in the bleached indifference
of a cold sun.
These patterns
condition my mind for hope.
For an ascent to unbound heights
never perched upon
yet always hinged
and tethered
to an eventual

I put my trust in the chill of a shallow wind.
How to me it personifies the
nature of love.
The smell of the tea steeping in my cup
impedes my vision
as I mark each day
for the next.


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