Cascading Moon – A Poem


Cascading Moon

under the influence of a
musical performance. Measuredly test the uncertainty
of the night air. Suffer beneath the rule
of a cascading moon.

I greet you
in an act of self-preservation.
My choice
of attire
tries your patience. You remove my scarf
as we wander away from the park. Invisible voices
withering behind us.

Birch white limbs rippled reflective
wade through the creek. Swift water captures the
light. Just below the surface
blue shadows swim. Emptied lives being pulled through
the dark undercurrent. Fragile
hollow and captivating.
smile as we reach in and
touch them.
Their cold bodies slither between our fingers and steal our

We misrepresent ourselves
in the reeds. A mist conceals rocks
near the shallow falls
and you cut your heel on one. Blood trails and streams
and I am only able to offer condolences after
realizing a mistake I made
years before has come back again to haunt me.  Helpless together
near the creek and under a moon collapsing in on itself
we obit each other on the event horizon
ever falling
into our own failure.

17 thoughts on “Cascading Moon – A Poem

  1. Joseph, This is beautifully written. Your poetry, which I have always held in high regard, has of late taken on a new vigalence of the world in the small scapes of our lives. I am impressed greatly my your accomplishments. May I re-post this? Best >KB

  2. If you agree to let me re-post I would like to use a graphic so it will show up better on my home page. Do you have something in mind? I would search for something if you would allow me to. Or show it to you before hand. >KB

      • Thanks Joseph. I really have been blown away by what you have been doing. There is a flow to it, an ease which you approasched at times before but this is so much different. The biggest compliment I could give you is to say I wish I’d written this. >KB

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