The Room – A Poem


The Room

And with that she exhales
her mind surveying the emptiness
of the room
where the shadows laugh in cocktail dresses
and the blooms of yesteryear
sweep buoyantly
the eye’s attention.

There are olives in the Mediterranean
bowl resting peacefully
in the midst of all the sparkling exuberance.
Golden decadence ribboned red
lauds the dancers
who sway
like snowfall over cracked ice.

Her lips tremble
heart fluttering between the friends and lovers
where the solitary
filling the room
gathers nocturne desires
growing full and ripe
in isolation.

A shiver creeps into the caverns of her bones.
Humanity stripped naked
bares his teeth
before her
his wild animalistic face
masked in pious


6 thoughts on “The Room – A Poem

  1. Love the last bit about humanity hiding behind the mask! Brilliant! And a shared vision for sure! Great way to start off the new year!

  2. I just reread this one and it struck me that you could exclude the fourth line “of the room” in the first stanza. Since the poem’s title just told this. I prefer the flow without it.Just a thought.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. I generally come up with the title after writing the piece. The fourth line was written before and partially inspired the name, so it would be a little difficult for me to drop it. However, I did read it without that line, and did like the flow of it that way as well. I will have to give it some thought. “The Room” is also written later on, and you have me thinking about that line as well…

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