House of Isolation – A Poem

House of Isolation

A one day business trip stretched
into three.
The roads were bad
with dangerous flooding
along the river.

I walked through the glass doors of the eight floor office building
and was informed by a pretty little girl
in a candy red jacket
that the meeting was canceled and there were no plans to reschedule.

People in gray suits passed us on their way to the elevators as I attempted
to make small talk with her.
She did not seem to want to commit
so I told her there was no hurry.

We met after she got off work and walked to a bar
that served fish and chips
and ready.

I told her about butterfly frivolity and she said she
had weeds in her garden with the prettiest of flowers that
danced rooted
in the evening.

Her friends were there
coworkers of a drunken generation
laughing in unison
laughing at a future

At her car I kissed her cheek and said I was leaving first thing in the morning.
She told me that
due to the moon’s unnaturally close
to the earth
the rivers were flooded
and all of the roads out of town
were closed.

“We’ll meet at the library tomorrow” she said giving me her phone number.
“For lunch.”

In the hotel room that night I felt alienated and distraught so I opened the window
and let the night stream in
but it only complicated matters with
a dangerous metamorphic
creeping in the air.

Walking through the library I was a captivated by how her hand paused
as she changed isles
fingers trailing slenderly
over the shelved spines of the neglected books.

“I am building a house of isolation” I said to her
clutching her hand.

Stopping she wrapped her other her arm around me
to her
heated breath.
My earlobe burned
by her low

“You’re a child worshiping the blowing sands swirling
in the desert.”

The sun surrendered its hold over the day
as the moon pulled
ever closer to the earth
surging the waters into a frenzy
causing a great
mass of cloud
to spread across the sky and the rain it
streamed down on us
when we left the library and made our way to her house.
She hung up her wet candy red jacket and I rested
my black umbrella
in a corner
of the entrance hall.
I helped to remove her stockings
kissed her stomach
her softness.

Naked to each other she assumed a cloak of dominance
and I was swayed
She coaxed me.
My longing confidence
my neglected lust
slipping into her
becoming bound between her legs
enwrapped in her arms
while the half-light from outside blandly seeped through
the window.

Night came and the clouds parted.
A fog rose to mask the stars and we could feel the moon
begin to recede.

“The roads will be clear for you tomorrow.
is waiting.”

We laid together with my head resting on her chest
and my hand
on her inner thigh.
She had a Julie London record playing and I stared
at her Dali print
hanging on the wall.
Outside the pretty weed flowers danced refreshed.
I felt her breast swell against my cheek
whenever she would inhale.
Her fingertips lightly skipped along my back.

I thought about the next day
with its grim morning waiting anxious
for me
in anticipation.
Looking up at her face I watched her lips twist into
a sweet smile.
Eyes covered in shadowed intent.
Constrained I turned my face to bury it in her warm flesh
and in the reassurances I found then only to be
to a broken resolve.

5 thoughts on “House of Isolation – A Poem

  1. Joseph, you have continued to astound me with these seemingly casual epsiodes that though they skirt the unrealworld are as solidified by your words as buildings made of reflections in glass from other buildings. Beautiful. >KB

  2. Joseph- Another great piece. I was lost in a dream shared and at the end regretfully departed. You may have caught this already typo I think….Night came and the clouds parted.
    A fog rose to mask the stars and we could feel the moon
    being to recede. (beginning)

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