Memorandum – A Poem



I drift in the green haze of the dust
at sunset
with the linoleum reflection
of the moon
smeared out across the floor.

Let’s begin again where we left off
etching our memorandum
in the stale


conditioned room
as our memories hunt
in the bending

Your name used to be Daisy
until you changed it
you said
to something less


And I don’t resent you
but only feel


that there was something left
between us.
Maybe it was in my willingness to
the inevitable
or in the scent of your imagination that
filled the room.

I would travel back in time to find the tears
that fell

if I could

gather them in the moss and disguise
as dew

but the haze has grown
too thick
over the years

and over a moment that opened
only briefly
to us

before the door shut and the small key
we had
broke in the lock.

4 thoughts on “Memorandum – A Poem

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