Universe – A Poem



I’m moving

Play in the harvested stars
have the solar wind at my back.

The universe has become so complex
and too simple that
I don’t see the difference.

Crow’s caw
chilled skies to white
with vodka tonics being
served in the tent.
A Caribbean red jacket
Polynesian blue

sedated to silence
expresses knowledge
of my existence.

A man with glasses
nearby speaking
how she
and me
have an unfamiliar air.

Parker always knows the settlement score.

I know I am a liar but I want to breathe you into existence.
Catch it
does the wind steal the last of my marbles?
The boardwalk is on fire
call in the ammonia strikes
take shelter in
the woods
tangled sinister ahead

in the skies
where hell descends.
I no longer remember my number.

Sister sit
lean in rapt attention

This is your great divide.

Walk away
a crushed cigarette
an ass
perfected by blue jeans
and a bashful glance.


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