Gladiolus by the Roadside – A Poem


Gladiolus by the Roadside

Gladiolus by the roadside
and we stop
to pose for a picture.

Let’s turn up the volume
before we do
there is something in the air that
eats my skin.

I love the way you
disobey me
as you
fill your mouth with a fist full
of green marbles
and scream
at the camera.

After setting fire to the car
and taking refuge under an overpass
I confess
to you
that front porch swings
make me want to articulate madness.


I know
we will be late now but
summer seems to suck away
both our obsession and
our intelligence.

Doesn’t it?


Of course she does always put on the most clever
of gatherings
and it will be a shame to miss the party
with its showers of innocuous jokes
at the poolside made by
dark suited men who act coy with
women in the perfection of

An ambulance flashes its lights
and colors us flamingo
as you nervously bite
your three middle fingers.
We become banners
streamers whipping in the midnight storm
laughing at the lunacy
of star-dust children and sugar candied dreams
sharing a brief moment out from under the blankets
stripped and naked
and crying.


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