Madrid – A Poem



I saw the way you dreamed about me
last night
and though we were both inadequately dressed
for a summer monsoon
I liked the way your hair stayed dry.

Pull me up into your lavender room.
We’ll warm ourselves on the wilted wind
the rain left behind
and speak about the sequences
of passion.

To see past the blueberries and the honeysuckle
our eyes become fixed
on the green light brightly
filtering the subtle movements of breath along
the curve of a back
arched and tense.

Tell me of the music that was playing
the night you dreamed
about me.
It was a Cuban number we listened to.
The tempo matching the heat
of the lavender room.
You asked me to take you to Madrid
for you had never been there
and neither had I.
A strange opportunity.
A chance that life provided to us that we still
could take
you said.
And I told you
as we lay
on the floor
my face buried in the back of your neck
and your eyes gazing out at the lightning
moving east.


13 thoughts on “Madrid – A Poem

  1. I just don’t visit your blog enough, I apologise, your work is wonderful.

    This piece is absolutely beautiful, I am reading it and listening to Jeff Buckley, making it all the more captivating.

      • Ken, I think you may be following the comments on this post. You should be able to opt out of receiving updates to the comments by going under the “blogs I follow” on your dashboard and clicking on the comments section. Otherwise you will continue to get notifications every time a comment is made on this post.

      • I usually only get replies to my own comments, but lately I have been receiving copies of all comments, not only here but elsewhere. It’s not that other comments don’t interest me, but because they belong to someone else they are largely irrelevant. I don’t know how or why it has happened. Probably some technical glitch.

    • No need to apologize. I am just glad you did visit and enjoyed my work as I have loved reading your poems. Thank you for you comment, and your kind words. Now I need to find out more about Jeff Buckley…

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