God’s Sanctuary- A Poem

God’s Sanctuary

And there was God
jumping fence post to fence post
to escape persecution
for crimes
against humanity.

The squirrels and chipmunks laughed
screeching through their teeth
as the rabbits looked on

Most would have pardoned him
if the case had come to court
but the chances for a stacked jury were too much
for him to bear

so he skedaddled from the jailhouse
on the freight train
that ran across Backwater

Heading for Indiana God got delayed
at Anna’s Crossing
where we met and he ended up living
under the floorboards of a river house
that flooded twice a year.

And there with the blind willows and
silly morning glories singing hallelujah in a mute voice
he rummages through the earthly wares
of flotsam
sailing unnoticed on the river
and jumps at the chance
to skip the fence posts
searching for sanctuary.


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