Want – A Poem


I don’t know you
a girl down the road
sparkling lithe and free

legs sprawled languid
on the grass
eyes covered in dark
hair madly unkempt
pulled back tightly
exhaled by a mouth full
of laughter


chorus sounds
from a passing car
slow and methodical
like a mass
where you pray for your chaperone’s
somber virginity
and for you
to find his axe
in his house
and a dollar bill


a splintered tree
is lulling me to sleep
in a stupid confessional booth
while your arms slip over the lawn
temptingly twisting
your body
to lay long lovely and seductive

in the dust
near your clever hips
you wistfully spell
with bone white fingers


7 thoughts on “Want – A Poem

  1. I’m propably making this connection because Susan and I have just collaborated on a poem about her, but this girl sounds like Ophelia. Might I send you something to look at as per stanza placement?

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