Stone Throw – A Poem


Stone Throw

Stone throw into the river
feeling the water pass by…

What did I ask you then?

Covered bridge crowds our breath
our claustrophobic hands scream cinnamon,
turn sour,
minimalize my impatience
with open promises of forever.

Is it too late to mention fragrance?

There is a tide to passion
masking the bold green banks
overgrown and rotting
conception. Cherry trees curious
on the naked hills
bathe in a passing shower.

Do you feel the mud in our shoes?

I writhe under the taste of blood
on your lips, your eyes look
washed and clean.
Like your mouth. The coffee
thermos is empty.
Point the way to our next move.

How do I move away from our quiet birth?

Motions of still life cover your face,
hovels of clandestine lovers fall.


7 thoughts on “Stone Throw – A Poem

  1. Kind of a departure for you in approach. At first reading a bit disconcerting but tempting enough to want to be in the poem so more readings to follow. Overall, a good feeling.>KB

      • It was, and not in an unpleasant way, a bit disjointed, like a mosaic lots of little tile in themselves but put together to make a wonderful picture. I like the piece alot. It’s just not what I’m used to from you.>KB

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