Beautiful Mess – A Poem


Beautiful Mess

Our silhouette is imperfect
and I ask your forgiveness
for how it represents
the beautiful mess
we are
so well.

How do I ask you questions?

Your eyes are like a porcelain
doll, your skin like

I betrayed you.

Dream of gray days
wondering through the
fog rolling on the hills
isolated and

Our life can be broken.

Dispelled merely by
an honest smile.

But it will never come.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Mess – A Poem

    • Sorry for the late response. Been out of pocket for a little bit. And thank you for the comment. They are always very much appreciated. The relationship is, as it stands in the poem, at a point where such an act would be impossible. It has deteriorated to the point of isolation between the two parties. But if an honest smile does appear, should it be possible, then the presence of that simple act of pure companionship would begin to restore the broken relationship, I would think. Though what shape it would take would be anyone’s guess. It would also destroy the end of my poem…

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