Disgust – A Short Story

“I feel disgusted. With everything. Do you ever feel that way?”
“Most of the time. And mostly with myself.”
“How do you live with it? What do you do?”
“I write a lot. On napkins I pick up at restaurants.”
“I have taken to drink.”
“That does not help, you know.”
“Does writing on napkins?”
“No. But at least it is a little less vocal.”
“Oh, I am plenty vocal when drinking.”.”

“Vocalization is a dying art, though. Its sole profession is radio.”
“Who works in radio anymore? Do people really go to school for that?”
“Yes. It is called communications. A detestable field of study, don’t you think?”
“Oh I would say so, yes.”
“What did you study?”
“Sociology. I wanted to be a social worker.”
“I studied English.”
“And now we are both in sales.”
“And drunk.”
“Of course.”
“What is it you write on those napkins?”
“Poems? I thought that was done for like radio.”
“It is. It is. But I rather like dead things.”
“Can I read one sometime? Do you have one on you now?”
“Always. Here is one. Have a read.”
“Oh, this is terrible. Just absolutely awful.”
“That is why I am in sales and drunk.”
“You have sweet eyes though.”
“It is due to the salt I consume.”
“Seriously. They are sweet like an Italian Ice.”
“You are too kind. And, if I am allowed to be so bold, your ears are perfection.”
“Bold. So bold.”
“I know. I try. You see why I disgust myself?”
“Yes I do. And me. My disgust of you frightens me.”
“As it should.”
“Do I disgust you?”
“And I shouldn’t. What do you feel when you see me?”
“Peace. And regret.”


I may revisit this piece and add more than just dialog. But I liked how it turned out just as pure conversation between two people, and decided to share it as it stands currently. Should I add more I will post the revision separately.

6 thoughts on “Disgust – A Short Story

    • Thanks! I will probably do the re-write, but I am afraid of taking on another episodic story line. I have too many that I have to finish! Plus there is Marcello’s Revenge, the novel that I am working on (or should be working on to be more accurate). Though this piece may fit in there…

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