God Turned the Street Light Red – A Poem

God Turned the Street Light Red

“We are all self-absorbed people,
living in the ego of mankind,
called to do its bidding
so our own destiny might flower,”
you told me as we walked downtown
and the movie theater just let out
a host of ragged people
awestruck and forlorn
having just witnessed a science fiction film
where man’s final calling
was the brutal colonization
and subjection of foreign worlds
on the outskirts of the universe.

I told you that you read too much Dante.
Though I would not know Dante from Virgil
or Boccaccio
or Marquez
or Bukowski.

You wrap yourself in a turban of conceit
and disguised as a ninja prowl
the dark recesses of dreaming knowledge
of education
of upstanding citizenship to your country
to god
to your fellow-man.

A recluse who came down from his
mansioned hill descending
with a bouquet of fraudulent wisdom
and passing it out in accordance
of your own perception
in jabberwocky articulation.

Descend, yes, descend you beautiful ass
to the 3D movie going crowds
imparting on them your glorious pearls
infecting them with visions
of man’s perfection
their sins washed clean
by your showering halo.

God turned the street light red
but you missed it
while you were counting stars in the desert.

The man frying fish at a sidewalk stand
yelled out a truth
to you
your ears could not hear.

12 thoughts on “God Turned the Street Light Red – A Poem

  1. you always have the best opening lines for a poem, they just grab me! and seeing reference to one of my favorite poets (Bukowski) made me love this more! this is wonderfully intense and real and hardass, Joseph this IS poetry!

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