Silver Steel Box – A Poem


Silver Steel Box

For the sake of reference say
there is a farmer with a track of
land four hundred acres long. He
always starts early in the morning
when the crows will pay him no
attention. Finding in the middle of
his field a box he feels alienated.
The box is silver steel with the letters
“SW” in black print. They mean nothing
to him. He hauls the box away with
his tractor as it is too heavy and too
large to lift and puts it in his barn.
He forgets about it the rest of the day.
Eats dinner, watches his wife play
cards with her friends, admiring her
nimble fingers. She smiles at him
while sipping an ice tea. She does not
like mint. The next morning the box
disappeared and in its place is a sapling.
Green leaves and buds bursting with
a multitude of color. He mistakes their
fragrance for hyssop. It is in a steel bucket,
and the letters, while still there, “SW”, are
now yellow. They still mean nothing to him.
He tells his wife who says it might be a
demon. He does not believe it can be
possible, but kisses her cheek and asks
what’s for supper. She goes outside to
check on the kids. There are figments
that sparkle about his family. Small balls
of light that dance in and out and over and
around them. His family does not see
them and say “what’s what” when he asks
them about it.  He goes back to the
barn to check on his demon tree
that he does not think is a demon,
but now is also no longer a tree. Only
a black cloth bag is there now. When he
opens it, it is full of bones. White
bones, old and dry. Human. One
of them has the letters on it, “SW”,
but now they are purple. He likes
the color, but is still puzzled about
the letters. He decides to do as anyone
should with bones, and takes them
out to be buried. In the middle of his
field he digs a deep hole. He feels that
it is the proper setting. He covers them
up and goes in for the night. In bed, he
and his wife read books, make love,
and sleep until noon. He dreamt of
almonds. The night was riddled with
creeks and knocks suitable for an
old farmhouse that has been in his
family for generations. When he wakes
up and notices the time he is shocked.
So is his wife. She goes out to check
on the kids and wakes them up.
They don’t go to school that day.
He goes out to the fields where the
box was buried and finds once more
a silver steel box. All that has changed
are the letters. The letters are now
“PN”. He still does not know what that
means. He takes a swig from his flask,
bourbon, and decides to leave the box
alone. Let the seasons come to
rust it and settle into the ground
once more on its own. He sees the balls
of light that now surround the whole house.
All of his property. He feels happy, suddenly,
joyful, and lays down to watch the white and
grey clouds pass through an orange sky.


3 thoughts on “Silver Steel Box – A Poem

    • Thanks KB! I thought of cleaning it up a bit more, but kind of liked the rustic, rambling, jumbled way it goes. I will work on it some more, though, and see what happens. If you like, I will email you the result.

      • Please do. Go through and take out all the really superfluous words. be hard. You will not lose the beauty of the poem, that is here, just polish it to bring the beauty out front.>KB

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