Gomorrah – Part VI – A Poem

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Gomorrah V

The Tribunal asks Gomorrah what he remembers. He says to tend
roses in the yard. And to gather the rain water. They ask him if he
remembers his family. His Father. His Mother. Susan. He says only
that they are dead or gone. The clock is covered in wet cheesecloth.

“What of Emily?” they ask. Gomorrah sees blue eyes. His soul stuttering
in the living room. The spell of a smile. Hears forget me nots whispered
in the wind. Under the sun a whimpering kiss. The stone of doom weighs
down heavily on his heart. He replies he does not know an Emily.

The Tribunal requests the book. They tell him to open it. To read from
it. Gomorrah can see the words but they no longer make sense. Random
scrawls along the paper. But he knows they cannot see them. Blank
pages brighten the dank room. The Tribunal mutter among themselves.

The verdict comes. The book must go to the furnace. Gomorrah knows he can-
not take it any longer to The Shrine. Only Susan knew the way. A man leaves
to stoke the coals. Gomorrah nods his permission. He is given a cane. The
city emblem is on the handle. He leaves. The Peacock Sun King is crowned.

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