Gomorrah – Part V – A Poem

Other installments of the poem Gomorrah can be found


Gomorrah V

They say that from the top of the tallest of the three spiraling
towers one could see past the mountains to the ocean. It is
so tall it makes Gomorrah dizzy to think about. He never went
up to investigate. Inside on the first floor City Hall resides.

Built over the entrance to the catacombs. Writhing in organic
shadows cast by no light. The lobby has many chairs. People wait on
their discourse.  An empty desk. No receptionist. A television
broadcasts a game show at low volume. Gomorrah passes through.

He finds the room matching the number he was assigned. The
Tribunal waits. Gaunt men and women whose number Gomorrah
does not care to count. They wear pleated pants. Or skirts.
All grey and white. Their vision disappears under domed hats.

The welcome him kindly. Firmly. Seasons change outside. Gomorrah
sees the maple. His favorite tree. It stretches arms to collect the
sun. Shifting green patterns sneak in. Play on barren walls. He takes
a seat at a long table that fills the room. The leather burns him.


Only two more entries to go on this poem. I have them written. Just running through the final edits. Thanks for reading!

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