Gomorrah – Part IV – A Poem

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Gomorrah IV

Drums announce a procession in route to the Evening Gate to perform
the Opening Ceremony. It marches down Gomorrah’s Street. He
stands by his fence. Incense perfumes the air from golden decanters.
All of their eyes red from the swirling smoke. A robed man leads them.

The man carries a tattered flag at half-mast. The cities emblem emblazoned
upon it. Four white dots in a diamond pattern on a field of blue.
The leader asks Gomorrah if he captured the rain water. He nods. He does
not know anyone in the parade. Only that their number has dwindled.

They leave. The horn of an unseen car sounds. But then all numbers have
dwindled Gomorrah thinks as he begins his journey to City Hall. He walks and
recalls Father and Mother’s House. The many rooms of crowded camaraderie
with his brothers and sisters and cousins and friends all meeting in mirth.

The nights in summer. Parties under stars and moon that are now oblique and
un-known. The music and dance. The delight. Father’s stories. The laughter
and the love. Mother showing him the Earth with tender patience. Susan
being taught the tales and legends and secrets of The People from Father.

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