April’s Last Breath – A Poem

April’s Last Breath

You are my honey blazing amber flower
my fish with a fine tail
swinging now
swaying on the floor
a roll in the bed
a lie in the grass
a sleep in the park
April’s last breath
awake on the skin
now drop into ecstasy
ecstatic delicious
now go/gather
frolic along the avenue
my fancy
now stop/stay/soft/start/slow
not slow
your silky waves surrender
rock me to seaside
now my legs my arms my hands
my neck my ears my mouth
now fast/firm/find
love now
now lost
now ever
and ever


2 thoughts on “April’s Last Breath – A Poem

  1. Very good Joseph. I like the way this runs, though the slash strain me a bit, but I will not question that as far as the quality. A nice snapshot. I like the way ypu anthropomorphized the month. At first I thought it was a woman, well april is in that regard–certainly fckle enough weather wise.>KB

    • Thanks KB! I was not too sure about the slashes, but am not sure if it would work in any other format. I generally don’t use them. At first I had the word “now” in front of each word, but did not like how that went. And yes, April is fickle. Especially this year!

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