Alice – A Poem


Lily grows where Alice
once laid her head.
She isn’t in the looking glass
any longer.

Alice and I made a fire
in the yard that night,
our laughter skipped along to the sound of
the wood crackling under
the birch tree, sparks in a red lifeless dance
spun through the leaves
before they cooled,
invisible ash.

I told her how I was building
a tin ship for us to navigate
the North American waterways, down the
Ohio and busy Mississippi,
escaping Americana
into the Gulf of Mexico,
and out over the Atlantic to Brazil,
where we would buy a small house
and she could spend her nights
color coding our dreams.

Outside the house
a large pool
would reflect the sun and stars
the heavens jealous
as Alice dips into their company
a child of living creation
gliding through them,
water seductively slipping
across her bare skin.

She said that I just wanted to see her in a bikini.

The fire burnt low and arcane birds sang
a new dawn,
our conversation lulled
words caught in our throat.
She traced her fingers over my cheek
the dark of her eyes suffocated me
a kiss
a prelude
of our joy’s conception.

“Look”, she whispers in a quivering voice,
how the orange grass
for spring.”

In her yellow dress, Lily is a blur
against the white golden haze,
the chaotic colors of the summer sky
assaults my eyes.
She leaps from her swing
bounds through the lawn
and into my arms,
the haunting smell of her mother
veils her,
behind us
my empty bedroom window
mirrors the
branches of the birch
swaying in the aimless wind.


19 thoughts on “Alice – A Poem

  1. Good poem. Loved ‘color coding our dreams’. I need to read it a few more times. Nice work this poet stuff. Too bad the pay sucks–as far as money goes–unless you’re Merill.>KB

  2. Heartbreakingly beautiful… as I just lived my first year without my Mom who was named Alice, somehow reading this makes me feel…and that is something I haven’t really been able to do since I lost her… thank you

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